Agnes Dellinger

Pollination and Plant Evolution including: Plant-pollinator interactions – Floral function and morphology – Melastomataceae (Neotropics/Paleotropics) – Biotic and abiotic niche evolution along altitudinal gradients

Selected former theses:

Testing pollination syndromes in Melastomataceae

Urban pollination: Plant-pollinator interactions of two Trifolium species in relation to green area size

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Florian Etl

Pollination Biology and Plant-Animal Communication including: Floral scent in pollinator attraction – Pollination of tropical Araceae by orchid bees and beetles – Scanning electron microscopy of floral structures, pollen and insects – Pollinator conservation – Biological corridors for insects and their floral resources in Austria and Costa Rica

Selected former theses:

Bestäubungsbiologie ausgewählter Anthurium und Spathiphyllum Arten (Araceae) im südwestlichen Costa Rica

Pollination biology of four sympatric Spathiphyllum species (Araceae) in Costa Rica

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Irmgard Greilhuber

Mycology including: Micromorphology of fungi — Fungal taxonomy — DNA barcoding — Fungal and lichen flora of Austria — Ethnomycology — Fungi in education

Selected former theses:

Colonization of plants and mycorrhizal fungi on newly arisen small islands in Denmark

Species delimitation and phylogenetic analyses of the genus Hohenbuehelia in central Europe

Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der phytopathogenen Pilze des Nationalparks oö. Kalkalpen

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Verena Ibl

Cell biology in crop seeds

Selected former theses:

Effects of heat on the endomembrane system in developing barley endosperm

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Ingeborg Lang

Structural and functional plant cell biology including: structure of cells and tissue in plants — response to environmental stress — labelling and visualization of subcellular structures — linking structure to function — microscopy — bryophytes and model plants

Selected former theses:

Use of flow cytometry and confocal microscopy to investigate the infection of Arthrospira fusiformis by cyanophages.

Das kortikale endoplasmatische Retikulum vor und nach Plasmolyse in Physcomitrella patens.

Are heavy metal tolerant mosses defined by lamina cell size?

Schwermetalltoleranz von Bryophyten und die mögliche Aufnahme und Akkumulierung über das Rhizoid.

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Ovidiu Paun

Plant Ecological Genomics including: Adaptive radiation – Epigenomics – Hybridization – Adaptation to extreme environments – Phylogenomics – Speciation

Selected former theses:

The impact of recurrent origins and gene flow on the genetic structure of allopolyploid marsh orchids 

Ecological and evolutionary consequences of smRNA activity after allopolyploidization in marsh orchids (Dactylorhiza majalis s.l.)

Evolution of the Primula auricula complex (Primulaceae) in the Eastern Alps 

Phylogenomics of Nicotiana sect. Suaveolentes (Solanaceae) 

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Michael Schagerl

Phycology including: Algal ecology — Algal taxonomy and physiology — Ecolohy of saline environments — Calcifying algae — Applied phycology

Selected former theses:

Down by the riverside – impacts of the "Frequency Festival" on river communities

Effects of cell density on chlorophyll fluorescence in liquid algal cultures

Thermal springs of eastern Austria – comparison and conservation importance based on phytobenthos

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Gerald M. Schneeweiss

Systematic and Evolutionary Botany including: Plant taxonomy — Biogeography and Phylogeography — Molecular phylogenetics — Austrian flora — Evolution in high mountain plants

Selected former theses:

Phylogenetic relationships of the Galium lucidum complex in the Eastern Alps

Phylogeny and taxonomy of Draba pacheri

Postzygotic isolation in the polyploid complex of a high mountain plant (Senecio carniolicus, Asteraceae)

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Hanna Schneeweiss

Plant Evolutionary Cytogenetics including: Chromosomal evolution — Origin and evolution of polyploids — Repetitive DNA evolution — Genome size evolution — Microscopy

Selected former theses:

Evolution of selected satellite DNAs in cultivated Capsicum species

Phylogenetic relationships and incidence of polyploidy in aquatic species of genus Ranunculus (Ranunculus sect. Batrachium) in Austria

Domestication and evolution

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Jürg Schönenberger

Evolution and Diversity of Flowers including: Comparative floral morphology — Floral structure and function — Pollination biology — Floral development — Fossil flowers — Character evolution — Computer tomography

Selected former theses:

Structure and function of explosive fruits and seed dispersal in Acanthaceae

Anther threads in the balsaminoid families (Ericales)

Pollination biology of European Euphorbia species

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Karin Vetschera

Plant Chemodiversity including: Phytochemical analysis of Specialized Plant Metabolite diversity — Systematic and ecological/functional aspects — Primulaceae (temperate), Rubiaceae and Clusiaceae (Neotropics) — Biotic Interactions

Selected former theses:

Diversification of flavonoid profiles in selected Primula species

Comparative analysis of exudate production and composition in selected Primula species

Comparative analysis of secondary metabolites in selected Notopleura species

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Hermann Voglmayr

Mycology including: Fungal phylogeny — Fungal taxonomy — Fungal speciation — Plant pathogenic fungi — Host-pathogen co-evolution — Ant-fungus symbioses

Selected former theses:

Specificity of the fungi used in carton runway galleries in the Azteca brevis / Tetrathylacium macrophyllum association

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